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The new second-generation 4 layers design UPVC wall panel can be completely replace the gypsum board building materials which used in the past 100 years. 

More cold & heat resistant, soundproof, flame retardant with 4 layers design 

UPVC House

UPVC Windows & Doors

The 6th International Innovation and Invention Expo in Macau (Gold Award)

UPVC House Patent
(Registered in China)

UPVC House Patent
(Registered in Taiwan)


Why using our UPVC Wall Panels? 

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Anti-vibration, can be built under any circumstances 

Non-toxic formula, no harm to human body

Anti-mold, waterproof, anti-collision, anti-corrosion, insects and termites resistant

Cement walls and bricks walls will crack, paint will foam after a few years. UPVC products will not crack, paint or blister

Can withstand 20 tons of pressure, 5 times better than the cement wall, 10 times more resistant compared to the brick wall

Absolutely non-conductive, safe and reliable

The wire is hidden inside the wall and does not need a pipe

Meet the US market requirements and International Standard

Quick and easy to install & uninstall, easy to install screw anywhere

Like expectancy is not less than 50 years

Can be used as indoor or exterior wall

Patent registered, guaranteed quality

The materials are of high quality and fast installation. It can be used repeatedly and will not produce construction waste.